Thursday, April 30, 2009

DynaMed provides free access to information on Swine Flu

"Due to the recent global outbreak of Swine Influenza, EBSCO Publishing and the DynaMed Editors have made DynaMed’s information about Swine Influenza free to health care providers and institutions throughout the world.

The DynaMed topic on Swine Influenza consolidates information from multiple sources for health care providers to stay current with recommendations for monitoring, diagnosing, and treating patients with flu-like illnesses during this outbreak. DynaMed Editors will continue to monitor information and update this topic as needed throughout this global crisis. Please click on the title for information regarding Swine Influenza.

Current DynaMed subscribers [includes all faculty and students at UMHS-SK and IUON] are encouraged to use their access to DynaMed through their institutional subscription to monitor the latest clinical information on Swine Flu at"

Kind regards,
Susan Entrican
Programs Manager
EBSCO Publishing

The ANA has also posted information & links specifically for nurses on Swine Flu.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Measuring Hand Hygiene Adherence

Free ebook being made available through Mosby's Nursing Consult addresses the seemingly ongoing problem of hand hygiene!

"Everyone at your hospital knows when and how to clean their hands, right? Not so, says the Joint Commission, the publishers of this new monograph, "Measuring Hand Hygiene Adherence: Overcoming the Challenges."
The report notes that "A quick rinse under the sink or brief rub between palms with alcohol-based hand rub may not be thorough enough to eliminate potential pathogens". Click on the title to read the whole report on .pdf.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Is 'Compassion Fatigue' a Contributing Factor in the Nursing Shortage?

FRIDAY, April 10 (HealthDay News) -- "A type of emotional burnout called "compassion fatigue" is common among doctors, nurses and other health care workers tending to people with cancer, yet experts say little research has been done on the phenomenon, which can lead to anxiety, cynicism, chronic tiredness, irritability and problem drinking.
Often these health care workers become emotionally detached to protect themselves from the feelings of loss that accompany losing a patient. Some end up leaving their jobs."
A review article has just been published in the Journal of Health Psychology which leads one to questions such as our title and highlights the need for a deeper understanding of this issue. For more on how to recognize and cope with 'compassion fatigue' I refer you a post on the RealityRN Blog.
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