Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Are you a 'Curious Practitioner'?

The 'curious practitioner': effective lifelong learning. Nursing in Practice Sept/Oct 2009, No.50
by Sue Spencer, Coventry University, UK

How committed are you to providing well-informed and up-to-date nursing practice? This article explores the value of being what it calls a 'curious practitioner'. It will help you to
"explore some creative ways of transferring learning in all domains of your life to your professional practice."
"If you are a curious and questioning practitioner, you cannot help but be engaged with lifelong learning, as each day generates questions that need answers. Finding the answers to those questions is the start of lifelong learning and continuing professional development."

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Protection for Healthcare Workers in the Caribbean

Protection of healthcare workers in the Caribbean region is receiving some attention at last. The First Regional Meeting for Latin America and the Caribbean on Health Protection for Health-Care Workers was held September 22nd-24th, 2009 in Maracay, Venezuela.

The meeting was organized by "PAHO/WHO, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health of Venezuela, the Instituto de Altos Estudios de Salud Dr.Arnoldo Gabaldon, and the U.S. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)" and brought together "policymakers, academics, hospital managers, epidemiologists, front line workers, and civil society from across the region".
"Healthcare workers are often exposed simultaneously to a variety of work hazards from various natures, including biological, chemical, physical, and psycho-social ones."
During the meeting "participants had the opportunity to gain hands-on experience on EPINet, a surveillance system for tracking needlestick injures and blood and body fluid exposure among healthcare workers."
Click on the title to read more from the PAHO website.
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