Friday, November 20, 2009

Interdisciplinary Teamwork Under Stress

Disruptive behavior by doctors and nurses persists according to this research news reported in American Medical News Amy Lynn Sorrel.
On their worst behavior ~ A national survey of physician and nurse executives asked how many had observed or experienced these behavior problems from doctors or nurses in their organizations:
Degrading comments and insults ~ 84.5%
Yelling ~ 73.3%
Cursing ~ 49.4%
Inappropriate joking ~ 45.5%
Refusing to work with colleague ~ 38.4%
Refusing to speak to colleague ~ 34.3%
Trying to get someone unjustly disciplined ~ 32.3%
Throwing objects ~ 18.9%
Trying to get someone unjustly fired ~ 18.6%
Spreading malicious rumors ~ 17.1%
Sexual harassment ~ 13.4%
Physical assault ~ 2.8%
Other 10.0%
"Ninety-seven percent of respondents experienced unprofessional outbursts and overreactions, with most saying these happened several times a year and sometimes even weekly. Most survey respondents, 48%, said doctors and nurses were equally culpable for the conflicts, but 45% said doctors were mostly to blame."
Source: "Bad Blood: Doctor-Nurse Behavior Problems Impact Patient Care," American College of Physician Executives 2009 Doctor-Nurse Behavior Survey, Physician Executive Journal, November/December.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Nursing Degree Requirement on the Horizon for the UK?

The British government recently announced that by 2013, the minimum education for nurses will be raised from diploma to degree level, which means three or four years of post-secondary education and training.
The Royal College of Nursing is quoted as calling this "an important and historic development", while the UK Department of Health feels the additional education will better equip nurses leading to higher quality patient care. However the move is not without controversy due to the already critical shortage of nurses.
"An increasingly high percentage of nurses working in the NHS are foreign nationals, and raising the bar at entry point would have to be communicated clearly and rolled out internationally as the NHS is staffed by an international resource pool."
As reported in Nursing In Practice, Nov 17, 2009.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Searching of a Scholarship? Need Help to Repay your Loan?

Keep in mind the National Health Service Corp!
Check out the opportunities for "primary health care providers to join the National Health Service Corps, which now has thousands of openings for qualified clinicians, plus two programs that make service in the corps very attractive at this time. A scholarship program provides payment of tuition and other reasonable academic costs, plus a stipend, in return for service in a designated health care shortage area upon graduation. And a loan repayment program provides immediate academic debt relief for licensed clinicians who will work, for a salary, in these same underserved areas." [NLN]

Monday, November 9, 2009

Ninth Annual International Research Internship for Nurse Researchers

Internships Announcement: "Multiply Interventions for Community Health" The Ninth Annual International Research Internship for Nurse Researchers will be held in Jamaica ~ May & June 2010.
"A unique, intensive training opportunity for junior nurse researchers in Canada, Jamaica and the Caribbean, Kenya, Uganda, and South Africa to launch their research career and network internationally."
Application deadline: January 4, 2010
Note: Selection is competitive and limited seats are available

  • Community health services & policy research
  • Global health issues
  • Developing research networks
  • Grantsmanship and publication skills
  • Linking with local, national, and international decision-makers
  • Working on interdisciplinary teams
  • Innovative research methods
  • Developing programs of research
  • Mentorship

    Click on title for more details, eligibility, application form, etc.
  • Tuesday, November 3, 2009

    The Simulation Center for Clinical Interdiscplinary Practice

    Announcing the launch of Dr. Robert Ross's latest brain child!

    The Simulation Center for Clinical Interdiscplinary Practice

    with the base of operations in our amazing, state-of-the-art Simulation Laboratory/ Virtual Hospital right here on our UMHS/IUON campus in St. Kitts! For more information and dates for uncoming training courses view the SCCIP-SK website.

    Sunday, November 1, 2009

    Why limit your career horizons?

    Holland America nurse explains the scope of clinical practice at sea
    Published on AdvanceWeb ~ International, October 29, 2009
    by Valerie Newitt

    "Nursing takes on new "heights" for those who choose to practice the profession at sea. Imagine climbing into a basket lowered from a helicopter hovering over a ship in mid-ocean. Up and away, and you're in the copter. The basket is lowered again, this time to retrieve a sick passenger, now your patient, in dire need of a ship-to-air evacuation. The scenario is not all that unusual, if you are a nurse at sea, said Laura Vlaadingerbroek, MSN, RN, chief medical officer aboard Holland America Line's Zaandam." Click on the title to read the full article.
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