Friday, January 26, 2007


Barbados Registered Nurses Association
PO Box 120C "Gibson House", Lower Collymore Rock St. Michael Bridgetown 5 Barbados Tel.: +1 246 427 5627 Fax: +1 246 436 6279 Email:

According to the Ministry of Health’s Statistical Records, in 1994, Barbados had 898 nurses. In 1988, the Ministry of Health prepared a five-year development training plan. Much emphasis has been placed on in-service and local training, especially in priority areas such as geriatric nursing, radiography, orthopedics, environmental impact assessment, health planning, and hospital management. The Barbados Community College School of Nursing provides apprenticeships for nurses. In general, the numbers in medical and nursing professions have reached an equilibrium, in that enough are produced to meet the needs of the country.

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