Thursday, September 25, 2008

Addressing Nurse-to-Nurse Bullying to Promote Nurse Retention

Rocker, C., (August 29, 2008) "Addressing Nurse-to-Nurse Bullying to Promote Nurse Retention" OJIN: The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing; Vol 13 No. 3.

"Nurse-to-nurse bullying in the workforce is contributing to the current nursing shortage. The literature reveals both victims and witnesses of bullying suffer silently and are often confused as to what to do when presented with bullying behavior. This confusion frequently contributes to nurses leaving their chosen profession."

"Some Examples of Nurse-to-Nurse Bullying:
~ Withholding information.
~ Posting documentation errors on bulletin boards for all disciplines to view and others to critique.
~ Intimidating others by threats of disciplinary procedures.
~ Writing critical and abusive letters or notes to co-workers.
~ Verbalizing harsh innuendos and criticism.
~ Using hand gestures to ward off conversation.
~ Rolling eyes in disgust.
~ Having personal values and beliefs undermined.

Power Disparities:
~ Using shift/weekend charge positions to direct/control staff assignments/breaks.
~ Controlling co-workers’ behavior by reporting them to their supervisors for perceived lack of productivity and assistances.
~ Placing others under pressure to produce work and meet impossible deadlines.
~ Withholding knowledge of policies and procedures to get co-workers in trouble.

~ Yelling at co-workers.
~ Demanding co-workers answer the telephone, NOW!
~ Refusing to mentor and guide new staff in their practice.
~ Refusing to help those who struggle with the unknown and uncertainty.
~ Refusing to help others in need of assistance.
~ Giving public reminders of incomplete/missed documentation or work."

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