Thursday, October 2, 2008

US Hospital Finder Website

"We have information on over 6000 hospitals. Find the nearest hospitals in your area by using the search box [full address, or city and state, or zip code]. We will find the hospitals and show them on a map. You can then click on a hospital to get its details (e.g. address, phone and services) and directions. You can also browse through our list of hospitals by our A-Z or State index."

"This is interesting not just for locating the hospitals, but for the statistics and information it also provides." Jordan Sandquist [IUON nursing student]

Thanks Jordan for your website recommendation!

Here are a few other key sites for information on/about hospitals:
~ 'Quality Check' from JCAHO.
~ the American Hospital Directory.
~ 'Hospital Compare' from US Health & Human Services Dept.
~ HealthGrades, a non-profit organization.

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