Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Grange Facility at Ottley's, St. Kitts

Our local SKN-Vibes takes a look at the history of the Grange Facility and the work of Dr. Patricia Richards-Leader. The Grange Health Care Facility was the first of it's kind in St. Kitts to offer nursing, residential and convalescent care to the elderly.
Our IUON student body have many a fine memory of their placements at the Grange!
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Ann Celestine said...

What a wonderful article on a remarkable woman, Dr. Patricia Richards-Leader! I am impressed (although not surprised—as anyone who’s met her can only be impressed!!) with the growth and development plus continued educational contributions of The Grange to the Nation of St. Kitts. We are blessed to be working with Dr. Richards-Leader. I’m happy our students can use the Grange for their education.
Dr. MJ Cannon

Amy said...

Thanks for all your lovely and and encouraging comments. It is such a pleasure to see student nurses and professors of nursing being able to enter the Grange and feel welcomed. Your contribution is truly invaluable.
Pat Richards-Leader: CEO and Registered Nurse Consultant

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