Friday, November 20, 2009

Interdisciplinary Teamwork Under Stress

Disruptive behavior by doctors and nurses persists according to this research news reported in American Medical News Amy Lynn Sorrel.
On their worst behavior ~ A national survey of physician and nurse executives asked how many had observed or experienced these behavior problems from doctors or nurses in their organizations:
Degrading comments and insults ~ 84.5%
Yelling ~ 73.3%
Cursing ~ 49.4%
Inappropriate joking ~ 45.5%
Refusing to work with colleague ~ 38.4%
Refusing to speak to colleague ~ 34.3%
Trying to get someone unjustly disciplined ~ 32.3%
Throwing objects ~ 18.9%
Trying to get someone unjustly fired ~ 18.6%
Spreading malicious rumors ~ 17.1%
Sexual harassment ~ 13.4%
Physical assault ~ 2.8%
Other 10.0%
"Ninety-seven percent of respondents experienced unprofessional outbursts and overreactions, with most saying these happened several times a year and sometimes even weekly. Most survey respondents, 48%, said doctors and nurses were equally culpable for the conflicts, but 45% said doctors were mostly to blame."
Source: "Bad Blood: Doctor-Nurse Behavior Problems Impact Patient Care," American College of Physician Executives 2009 Doctor-Nurse Behavior Survey, Physician Executive Journal, November/December.

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