Friday, February 19, 2010

New Report Points to Some Possible Benefits of Caribbean Nurse Migration

Much has been said about the impact of nurse migration in the Caribbean. Now a new report by UWI (Jamaica) Research Fellow, Natasha Mortley, presented to the Global Development Network, provides us with further insight and analsysis with which to approach and tackle this situation.
In this blog post I have provided links to the report itself, as well as to a commentary on the report published in Panos London magazine entitled "Nursing exodus could benefit Caribbean in long term." [quote below taken from this commentary].
"The migration of nurses to wealthier countries could potentially benefit Caribbean healthcare systems if managed properly, a report claims. The report, written by Natasha Mortley, a research fellow at the University of West Indies in Jamaica, estimates it costs Caribbean governments US$ 35,000 to train a nurse – an investment that is lost when nurses leave to work abroad. However, the report argues that as many nurses eventually return to their original counties, there can also be important gains as a result of migration." by Tania Ghosh

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