Monday, March 8, 2010

The Regional Nursing Body (RNB) Meets in St. Kitts

The Caribbean Regional Nursing Board met over three days in February 24-26 in St. Kitts & Nevis.
The order of business stated by Principal Nursing Officer Mrs. Henrietta Douglas-Christmas "..was to share knowledge, expertise, experience and creativity so that nurses would be better equipped to address the issues impacting the health of the region".
Mrs. Douglas-Christmas stressed that “the nursing profession faces unprecedented change, driven by globalization, migration and aging populations, the HIV/AIDS Pandemic and changes in nursing education and practice.”
Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Mr. Elvis Newton pointed to "the challenges faced by the nurses could be within the education aspect itself. He encouraged the RNB to probe the education provided to the region’s nurses and noted that challenges faced locally and elsewhere included the influx of off-shore nursing schools which often challenge nursing practices where they are situated."
Click on the title to read the full news article in the Nevis Blog.

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