Monday, April 5, 2010

Medpedia adds Media

The Medpedia Project is dedicated to advancing access to freely available, high-quality, health and medical information. In pursuit of that goal they continue to work hard to collaboratively growing the knowledge base of this online medical platform.

Their latest addition are hundreds of medical and health videos from respected sources including the CDC, the FDA, other institutes of the NIH, etc. The videos cover topics ranging from diabetes and H1N1 education, to medical/surgical procedures and health care reform.

In addition to the videos, the Medpedia platform includes a medical encyclopedia, directory for health professionals and organizations, clinical trials information, Medpedia Answers for medical and health questions, and Medpedia Alerts to enable you to stay current.

You can even read the Anne Ross Library Blog posts in the Medpedia News & Analysis section were they are picked up, under 'General Medicine' ~ Check it out here...

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