Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Demand for Nurses and Nursing Education Remains Strong

Highlights from a recent NurseZone News Report:

The Current State of Nursing Education Capacity and Demand
by Debra Wood RN
“Workforce analysts all agree that the current easing of the nurse vacancy rate is only temporary.”
Courtney H. Lyder, ND, GNP, FAAN, dean of the University of California, Los Angles (UCLA) School of Nursing, said, “In the next three to five years, demand for nursing is going to continue, especially because of health care reform. Nurse practitioners are stepping into the role left behind by the decrease in primary care physicians. I think you will also see more nurses in alternate settings independent of hospitals.”
“Over the next few years, we expect nursing workforce acute shortage patterns to reappear again, revealing the underlying nursing production shortage related to the aging workforce and increasing demand for health care services. Given the health care reform law, population demographics, and growing demand for care, AACN projects that interest in nursing careers will remain strong as opportunities for practice expand.”
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