Friday, April 29, 2011

NLN 2010 Statistics on Nursing Education

The National League for Nursing has released their latest research statistics on the state of nursing education in the United States.
"New findings gleaned from the National League for Nursing's annual survey, administered from October to December 2010, paint a complex picture of nursing education in the United States."
"NLN Annual Survey of Schools of Nursing 2009-2010" includes findings such as: an increase in student diversity, acceptance to programs remains very competitive, continued lack of clinical placements available, and continued shortage of faculty.

Visit NLN DataView™ for a comprehensive set of tables and figures, or read the NLN Annual Survey Executive Summary.


Nurse Midwife Program said...

nursing is hard, but best job
no pain no gain right

affordable nursing continuing education said...

I guess the demand for nursing education exceeded even the jobs available worldwide. Clinical placement should match the number of practitioners as most jobs require atleast 2 years of experience.

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