Friday, February 2, 2007


Nurses Association of Belize
PO Box 1573
Cor. Princess Margaret Dr. and St. Joseph Dr.
Belize City
Tel.: +501 203 4078
Fax: +501 223 3081

According to 2003 data, there were 465 nurses (17 per 10,000). The country has one of the lowest coverage of physicians in the region and an average coverage of nurses. There is a large concentration of health personnel in the district of Belize, where more than half of the health staff is employed (54% physicians, 52% practical nurses, and 57% professional nurses). As to the rural and urban areas, the distribution is unequal in all the districts for both, physicians and nurses. Almost 75% of the health personnel work in the public sector with the largest group being the practical and professional nurses (84%). Approximately 14% of health personnel work in both, public and private sector. As part of an agreement with the Cuban Government, there are 67 Cuban doctors involved in the delivery of medical care in rural areas. The Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences, University of Belize, continues to produce approximately 20 nurses per year.

According to 2003 data Belize's expenditure on health is 2.4% of the GDP with a per capita expenditure of US$ 85.50.

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