Friday, February 2, 2007


Bermuda Nurses' Association
PO Box HM 1466
Hamilton HM FX
Tel.: +1 441 239 2055 ext. 1707
Fax: +1 441 236 4239

There are two acute care hospitals on the island with 234 total beds and a psychiatric hospital with 166 beds. Both hospitals are operated by the Bermuda Hospitals Board which is appointed by the Government. There are no private hospitals on the island.
Long-term care facilities are operated by the Hospitals Board and the Government. Skilled nursing center facilities provide 147 beds. A facility was opened in 1991 to provide care for individuals with AIDS and other terminal illnesses. It is operated by the Hospitals Board and partially subsidized by public funds. There are 11 residential care facilities for the elderly including nursing homes. Most of these facilities are partially funded through public monies.

Starting RN - $4500.00 US Gross p/month (per job ad's)
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Nurses represent the largest group of health care providers in the country; there were 689 licensed nurses, including registered nurses, enrolled nurses and psychiatric nurses in 1995. Registered nurses constitute over 75% of the nurses on the island. The greater percentage of nurses are hospital based.

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