Monday, December 1, 2008

Pasqua Hospital nurses have a world of experience

Pamela Cowan, The Leader-Post, Regina Saskatchewan.
Saturday, November 29, 2008
Staff working on a medical unit at the Pasqua Hospital have a world of experience. "Many homes ... One community" is the label for three maps posted in one of the units to mark her staff's international diversity.
"On the world map, coloured pins show her staff originates from Canada, Africa, Germany, El Salvador, the Caribbean, Eritrea, Brazil, the United States and Guyana. Closer to home, staff are recognized on a Saskatchewan map, while a third demonstrates locations in the Philippines where nurses practised before they came to Regina. Engel said the maps are reminders that staff come from many cultures and may have different beliefs and varying levels of experience and education....They also bring different perspectives in terms of practice. Our multicultural group has enriched all of us. One of the things that we've discovered as a team is that there's many ways to do things right."

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