Monday, June 4, 2012

Nurses' research utilization two years after graduation: A Swedish National Study

Nurses' research utilization (RU) as part of evidence-based practice is strongly emphasized in today's nursing education and clinical practice. The primary aim of RU is to provide high-quality nursing care to patients. A new Swedish national research study (published May 18, 2012) found that data on newly graduated nurses' RU was scarce, but a predominance of low use had been reported in other recent studies where about 50 % of the nurses one, two, and three years after graduation rated their use of research in clinical practice as low or very low. Also some factors associated with nurses' RU had previously been identified, including educational ones. With recent educational reforms, evidence-based nursing and RU are now strongly emphasized internationally in nursing education. A number of challenges remain, however, regarding the content of nursing education and the transition from education into working life (e.g., the integration of education and practice as well as the ability of students to access and interpret evidence). The purpose of this study was therefore to identify factors that predict the probability for low RU among registered nurses two years after graduation.
Citation: Forsman H, Rudman A, Gustavsson P, Ehrenberg A, Wallin L. (2012) Nurses' research utilization two years after graduation--a national survey of associated individual, organizational, and educational factors. Implementation Science 2012, 7:46 doi:10.1186/1748-5908-7-46.

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